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Vacuum Drying Fruit Processing

Vacuum Evaporating can be used for drying heat sensitive products. Because it is happens in very low temperature as compared to any of the other methods used in Fruit Processing Line. The main advantage of use of Vacuum Evaporator for drying fruits is that it will results an end product without excessive darkness or scorching and also very much helpful for retaining the nutrients of the fresh fruits in the dried fruit. Since the process is taking place under vacuum it results less oxidation in the product. Also the degradation of oil is very less as compared to atmospheric frying. A de-oiling mechanism is required in this process since there is residual oil left after the process. This residual oil is the only drawback of this system and which can be make up with this De-oiling mechanism. This mechanism will remove the absorbed residual oil at the surface of the product.This method is the best suited process for preserving fruits and vegetables without compromising its organoleptic properties.

Advantages of Fruit Processing

  1. 1. Fruit Processing is the best method for consuming fruits when it was out of season of a particular fruit.
  2. 2. The processing of fruits will removes the whole water content from the fruit and preserves the fruit from bacterial break down.
  3. 3. Fruit Processing will help to preserve the nutrient values of fruit; hence it is good for consumption.
  4. 4. The processed fruit produced by killing the microorganism in the fruit. This will increase the shelf life of the product.
  5. 5. The processed fruit is usually stored in cans, bottles or jars. These are preserved and it is certain that the product inside is also preserved.
  6. 6. Fruit processing makes the availability of fruits in all seasons.
  7. 7. These products are best suited for the busy society of this century.

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