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Technology Behind Jam Production

Jam Production using Jam Production line is not a single process, the processing line contains a number of series stages and the different stages as follows

Receiving - Elevating - Washing - Grading - Peeling - Chopping - Preheating - Extracting - Filtering - Sterilizing - Aseptic Filling - Filling - Pasteurization - Tagging - Coding - Packing - Delivery

The fruits for producing Jam is collected and kept inside a receiving pool for the interrupted supply for the jam production. The stored fruits in the receiving pool are elevated using elevators. Two different types of elevators are commonly used and they are chain and plate elevators. While elevating through the elevators the fruits may get some damages. The fruits are pre-washed during the elevation process by the sprayers connected in the elevators. The elevator motors are kept inside a stainless steel shield which ensures the protection of the motors from the rain and snow in outside.  Bubble washing machine is used for washing the fruits. The unwanted particles from the fruits are washed away and makes the fruit clean when it is passed through floating water of the washer. The floating water is came from a bubble generator situated at the bottom of the machine. Followed by washing there happens grading and peeling. Chopping is the next process. The chopping machine designed by Chase industrial has an advantage of crossed blade design.  During the process of chopping, some amount of heat is generated and this generated heat is helpful for preventing the loss of vitamins from the fruits. Preheating will helps to retain the natural consistency of the fruit. The temperature used for preheating is set to a normal range in the feed and about 60 to 90 degrees at the outlet. This temperature is adjustable according to your requirement. The rotating speed of the extractor set to 1470 rpm or more. This high speed rotation results in to a centrifugal force and this force will helps to increase the juice yield. The extractor operation is less noisy and smoother, this is ensured by the dynamic test of each blades of the extractor. Filtering is the next stage. Followed by filtering there happens sterilizing. A tube in tube heat exchanger and a feeding pump is the main part of the sterilizing machine. Juice sterilizing machine / sterilizer contain four layers and it is suitable for high viscosity materials. After sterilizing aseptic filling, Pasteurization, Tagging, Coding and Packing takes place.

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