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Fully Automated Tomato Processing Machine

Tomato processing line is the major product of Shanghai Chase Industrial. We served more than 10 countries during the past 10 years. We are proud to say that our customers are always treated with quality products in fair price. Now Shanghai Chase Industrial is introducing a fully automated Tomato processing line. The main features of the product is

  • 1. The size can be customized from .05 Ton/D to 500Ton/D.
  • 2. All the major parts of the machinery is created using SUS 304, SUS 316 is also available as per your requirement.
  • 3. Different parts of the machine are collected from various world famous brands. So the machine is a combination of quality and innovation
  • 4. The price of the machine is very fair as compared to any other company.

Product Block Diagram

block diagram


Try to install cement pools in the plant so that the supply of tomatoes will not interrupt during the production. It will decrease the quality and Brix degree if the tomatoes are kept more than 24 hours at a temperature of 30 degrees.

Receiving pool


Both chain and plate elevators are normally used for elevating the tomatoes. The tomatoes may get some damages while elevating. Sprayers are arranged in the elevators so that the tomatoes can pre-washed during elevating. The motors of the elevators are kept inside a protective shield made up of stainless steel for protection against rain and snow in outside.



The tomatoes are washed by floating water from a bubble washing/ Float washing machine. A bubble generator situated at the bottom of the machine is act as the source of the floating water. During the process of Bubble washing the tomatoes doesn’t get any harm. The waste and the sand after washing the tomatoes will get discharged by our special design of Tomato paste production line.

bubble washer


The sorting machine has a rolling bar design and its speed can be adjustable.

sorting machine


This is one of the major advantages of Shanghai Chase Industrial Tomato Processing line because the blade has a crossed blade design apart from the hammer slice design of rest of the machines in the market. Small amount of heat is generated during the chopping process and this heat is help to prevent the loss of vitamins from the tomatoes.

Chopping machine


The process of preheating will help to keep the pectin inside the tomatoes and this pectin will give the natural consistency to the tomato paste. The preheating temperature is set to normal in feed and 60 ~ 90 degrees at the outlet. The temperature is adjustable.

Pre heater


The centrifugal force generated as the result of rotation speed of 1470 r/min or more, helps to increase the juice yield. Each and every blade of the machine is goes dynamic test and has the features of low noise and smoother operation.



Vacuum Evaporator is used for concentrating the tomato paste under vacuum or low temperature. Here we are using Forced Circulation Vacuum Evaporator.


Sterilizing machine here used is Tube-in-Tube sterilizer and it contains heating, sterilizing and cooking section. The sterilizer is mainly composed of tube-in-tube heat-exchanger and feeding pump. Juice sterilizing machine / sterilizer contain four layers and it is suitable for high viscosity materials.

Juice sterilizing machine / sterilizer contain four layers and it is suitable for high viscosity materials.

Aseptic Filling

Aseptic filling machine is mainly composed of an aseptic filling head, operation system, Computer controlling system, weight measurer and operation, platform etc. The parts of the aseptic filling machine are collected from different parts of the world.


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tomato processing line