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Types: Single-effect Vacuum Evaporator, double -effect, Triple-effect and multi-effect Vacuum Evaporator
1. The forced circulation vacuum evaporator is mainly used in the process of low-temperature vacuum evaporation and concentration of liquid materials in drinks, food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and sideline products deep processing, fine chemicals, and is also applicable for recovery of materials containing organic solvents (such as alcohol), especially for concentrating of sensitive juices by evaporation at low temperature, such as grape juice. 

2. The first effect material is heated by the heat source, after which the boiled material will enter into the gas-liquid separation chamber; the secondary steam after separation will be used as second effect heat source and so forth; the final second effect steam and non-condensable gas enter into the condenser for condensing and then will be discharged by vacuum pump of the Vacuum Evaporator. 

3. The discharged first effect condensate which is not contaminated will be sent back to the boiler for reuse; and other-effect condensate and condenser condensate will undergo biological treatment for discharge or reuse, and also can be reused as industrial cooling water.

Product Feature of Vacuum Evaporator 
1. Stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving; low steam consumption.
2. Low evaporation temperature: the heat is fully utilized and he materials is gently heated, which is suitable for heat-sensitive materials.
3. Evaporating Temperature: (can be adjusted)
    First effect evaporating temperature: 75°C
    Second effect evaporating temperature: 66.5°C
    Third effect evaporating temperature: 48°C
4. Control System: (can be adjusted)
     PLC - Siemens (Germany)
     Human-Machine interface - Siemens (Germany)
     Power model - Omron (Japan)
     Pressure sensor - Yokogawa (Japan)
     Contractor - Schneider (France)
     Central relay - Omron (Japan)
     Product Brix analyzer - Masalli (Italy)




Capacity (L/h)

Rated Power (kw)

Dimensions (mm)














Package Includes
1. Manufacturing time: It takes only 30 Days to manufacture a Vacuum Evaporator. 
2. Ocean time: about 30 days (varies from shipping companies and natural conditions).
3. Packing Detail : the machine wiil be wrapped with plastic film and put into a wooden box.


1. Any guarantee for Shanghai Chase Vacuum Evaporators? 
-YES, one year free maintenance and life time paid service.
2. Can the machines be specially designed for customers?
-YES. The color, mark, shape and so on can all be specially designed if customer required.
3. Package?
-The machines will be wrapped with plastic film and then put in wooden cases.
4. Shipping port?
-Shanghai. (Other ports available if required)
5. Transportation
-Normally via ocean. Air available if required by customer.


Pre-Sales Service
1. * Inquiry and consulting support.
2. * Sample testing support.
3. * Visit our Factory.


After-Sales Service
1. * Training: how to install and use the Vacuum Evaporator?
2. * Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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